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While in Middle School, I used GW-BASIC to create a Revolutionary War RPG for a project in History class.
My first exposure to computers was with a TI-99/4A my parents bought and on which I wrote the classic program:
10 INPUT "Name:", A$
30 GOTO 10
While my age was still firmly in the single digits.
After getting my undergraduate degree in Computer Science from UW - Green Bay, I "went pro" for Fosber America where I wrote interfaces to various heavy machines and was responsible for designing the Human Computer Interaction between users and those machines.
I wrote my first "for production" program in QBASIC before I became a declared Computer Science major in order to make myself more efficient at the IT job I held at the time.
In 2010 I returned to school by matriculating as a graduate student at the University of Minnesota.

While maintaining my employment with Fosber, in school I learned about Computer Science as it applied to HCI and a lot more about myself. This has happily lead to me not looking so much like I do in the picture anymore.
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Movin' Movin' Movin'

As you can tell from the content of this website, I'm very much focused on UI/UX along with Computer Science. I am currently seeking employment that will put me back playing to these strengths.

If you like what you see, feel free to reach out to me via my LinkedIn profile.

Good Fortune

A new version of Fortune for OS X has been released!

Albeit a maintenance release that takes care of some "under the hood" issues that I discovered with my Lion upgrade.

I am getting tempted to do a Windows Direct2D based version though.

Tea Time, As Always

The Tea Timer is still this site's lonely web app.

-- BUT! --

It has been updated for a smoother brewing experience with some SVG!

Hello, World!

The core of the new content here is the graduate work I've done during my tenure at the University of Minnesota. Classes represented include:

  • Spatial User Interfaces & Computational Creativity
  • Networks
  • Computer Security